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 Captains Report

Monthly Game: Captain's Report Knysna game

Dear Fellow Nomads

It was once again my privilege to act as Captain at the November game at Knysna. It is always special to play at my home club and as usual the staff and club went out of their way to ensure the success of our day. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the club captain Sean Tanner and thank him, his committee and members for allowing us the privilege of the use of their facilities and course. I was delighted to present our Vice Captain, Christo Langenhoven, with his ten year tie and I also had the privilege of inducting new Nomad Stig Holmberg and we wish him a long and happy association with our club. I congratulate Steve Twycross who despite the wind scored an excellent 40 points. Well done, Steve!

The weather played its part and a good field had an excellent day crowned with a most impressive prize table sponsored by Peter Leibbrandt and PLC Motors, Knysna. On behalf of the committee, Peter, I thank you most sincerely, for your generosity. I thank, too Berti and our Pink Ladies for their amazing dedication to ensuring our golfing pleasure.


Dave Meyer  

IPC Southern Cape Nomads


Monthly Game: Captainís Report:Goose Valley

I had the privilege of standing in for our captain Marcel as acting captain for the day at Goose Valley.

We had a spectacular day with beautiful weather. The golf course was in a magnificent condition. The greens were as fast as lightning making the day a little tougher.

Our Main sponsor of the day was MTN. Frikkie, thank you for your sponsorship we really do appreciate and value you as a sponsor.

I had the pleasure of playing with Richard Lee, the club representative of Goose Valley. Richard many thanks for the use of your golf course and the hospitality you and your staff gave us on the day.

Well done to acting Vice Flats Huisamen for a slick prize giving.

Dave Meyer





Monthly Game - Pinnacle Point 10 June 2016

Sunday the 10th of July 2016 is a date to remember.

 As I arrived at Pinnacle Point I realized this is going to be one of the best days for golf on Pinnacle Point ever.

 The sea was calm, there was no wind and it was a beautiful sunny day. A day specially picked for our National Chairman's visit.

 07h30; we started off with a meeting between the committee and the National Chairman.

 At 09h00 the fun and games started. All the players looked quite excited to play. The golf course was in a excellent condition and the management and staff were very friendly and helpful.

 The sponsor of the day, Diff de Villiers, couldn't make it because of flu but sponsored a beautiful prize table. A big thank you to Diff. All sponsors were acknowledged.

 We had four visiting Nomads, eight visitors and four Waitlisted Nomads.

It was a day of great fun with some good and some not so good scores.

 Thanks to all involved making a day like this happen.

 Kattie Meiring


Southern Cape Nomads     


Monthly Game - Knysna 12 June 2016

My Sunday did not start too well as I was late for my tee - off time, because of a flat tyre. Thanks to the VC, JVC and the Pink Ladies for holding the fort for me and the smooth flow of everything.


We had two visitors and one new application from Wouter Kotze . Once again thanks to the gentlemen who invited visitors to join us for a Nomads day.


I had the privilege of playing with the Club Captain and fellow Nomad, Steve Twycross and the sponsor of the day from BMW also a fellow Nomad, Hiron Snell.


The course as always was in mint condition and I want to thank the Knysna golf club staff for all their efforts and making us feel welcome.


To our sponsor of the day, Lynn Schroeder BMW, I want to say many thanks for always being there and willing to be associated with the Southern Cape Nomads. I also would like to congratulate Hiron Snell and his team for their Dealership achievement for getting the best CSI in the country. I would also like to thank BMW for the nice prize table.


All National Sponsors were acknowledged.


Thanks to Tjoepie for a well presented prize table and to Christo for doing a good job with the prizegiving.


Just a reminder to everybody our National Chairman Mr Vic Hall will have his official visit at our next game on the 10th of July at Pinnacle Point. Invite as many Nomads and visitors as you can and please stay for prizegiving.


Marcel Meiring


Captain Southern Cape


Monthly game/Gold Cup Goose Valley 10 April 2016

 Dear Fellow Nomads,

I had an early start for the Goose Valley game, because today was a big day. It was Gold Cup, and my final day as Captain.

As always Tannah and Berti were there first and were setting up station. Not long after that Nomads started arriving and registration was up and running.

I had the pleasure of playing with Ian Bloom, the past captain of Goose Valley golf club. Goose Valley golf course was in an excellent condition and the fairways looked like a carpet.

Our game sponsor of the day was Stanmar Motors and was represented by Neil Perks. Neil please pass on our thanks to your company for a wonderful prize table. We really value your sponsorship.

I had the pleasure of inducting Willem de Voogt into Nomads. Willem I know you will have many great years with us.

Well done to all the Gold Cup Divisional winners and to David Eveleigh for winning the MFC Challenge. Well done to Ken Spencer on winning the Glenbrynth raffle draw.

I also had the pleasure of presenting Honorary membership to two of our members, Terry Dimatellis and Flats Huisamen. Congratulations Gentlemen.

Once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank my committee for all their support during my year as Captain and also thank those Beautiful Pink Ladies that always look after us at every game.

Finally I would like to wish Marcel all the best for his year as Captain of Southern Cape. May he guide Southern Cape Nomads to new heights.


Dave Meyer



Monthy game Knysna October 2015


Dear Fellow Nomads

By the time I arrived at Knysna Golf club I found Chrisleo Botha, our equipment officer, already hard at work erecting the altar and the Pink Ladies at their posts.  We met early for a meeting with Gary Rodwell, our National Chairman. After a fairly heavy night with Gary and a number of Nomads celebrating the Springboks fine win against Scotland it had not been easy getting up so early and I was very pleased to have a ďhomeĒ game. The club and course looked fantastic when I arrived and I was very proud of my club.

Our meeting with Gary, our National Chairman, was a most fruitful and beneficial one and it was good to realise that the Southern Cape Nomad Club was functionally well. We have a good group of members and Gary challenged each one of us to do our best to raise the numbers. He did, however, compliment us on the large group we have on the waiting list as prospective Nomads.

My fourball consisted of Gary Rodwell, John Edwards, the President of Knysna Golf Club and Terry Dimatellis. With the previous evening taking its toll we were not among the prize winners but had a great time and the company could not have been better!

I thank Herman Kapp, of Food Lovers Market, Knysna who was a most wonderful and generous sponsor for the day.  I thank Berti and Helen who, although short staffed did their usual amazing job. Thank you Ladies!

My experiment of trying different Fines Masters each month I believe is working and Chrisleo did an excellent job of raising funds in a most light hearted manner.

It was my privilege to induct Piet Putty van Rensburg as a new Nomad. We wish him a long and hoppy association with our club.

As the club captain, I would like to put on record both my thanks  and congratulations to my committee and all our members for the effort you all made during our National Chairmanís official visit. I am extremely proud to be your captain.

Dave Meyer

Club Captain



16THAugust 2015

Dear Nomads,

When I arrived at Fancourt on Sunday I was a little disappointed with the inclement weather, but I was determined it would not dampen my spirits, as we were playing the Montagu course, which is definitely my favourite course at Fancourt.

I had the privilege of playing with Willie van Heerden the Captain of Fancourt, Braam van Hysteen from Tekkie Town our sponsor of the day and our National Chairman Gary Rodwell. What a fantastic four ball and all of them absolute gentlemen. Willie the golf course was in magnificent condition and please pass on our thanks to Lloyd and all the staff of Fancourt for looking after us so well.

Thank you again to our Pink ladies Berti, Helen and Chrisna. We are as a club truly blest to have you. We so appreciate you sitting there for the whole day helping the day go so well.

It was also encouraging to have 6 visitors in our field. I really hope they enjoyed their day and soon see some of them apply for membership.

We also had the reinduction of Shadrack Donson. Shadrack itís great to see you back as a Southern Cape Nomad.

To our sponsor of the day Braam van Hysteen of Tekkie Town, we thank you sincerely for your generous sponsorship. We are very grateful to you and will continue to urge our members to always support you.

In closing I would like to thank my committee and in particular, Seaboard Co-ordinator, Christo Langenhoven, for all you have done this week end. You have all played a huge part in making this Seaboard weekend the success is was and I thank each one of you.

Yours in Nomads

Dave Meyer

Southern Cape Nomads Captain 2015/2016



Dear Nomads,

By the time I teed off at 9h20 the sun was shining on another glorious Knysna day.

I played with Steve Twycross, the Knysna Captain, Hiron Snell, Sponsor for the day and Jimmy Leggett who received his thirty year tie later.

The course was as always in magnificent condition and I congratulate Peter Oosthuizen and his greens committee for their efforts after all the rain we had recently.

Once again I thank our Pink Ladies for the amazing job they perform month in and month out. We as Southern Cape Nomads are so fortunate to have them working so hard for us while we are on the course enjoying ourselves.

It was a real privilege for me to present Jimmy a founder member with his thirty year tie and a gift. Well done Jimmy, itís great to see you back on the course after all your operations. I also had the pleasure of presenting a 5 year tie to Andre Steyn. 

It was very encouraging to have nine visitors playing with us and I am pleased to report that eight of them applied for membership. I look forward to inducting them shortly. I also inducted a new Nomad Michael Brown. We wish him a long and happy association with Nomads.

I thank Hiron Snell and Lynn Schroeder BMW who were our generous sponsors for the day. Hiron we do value your sponsorship.

Yours in Nomads

Dave Meyer

Captain 2015/2016



Dear Nomads,

Waking up early on Sunday morning was really difficult after feeling the effects of our anniversary dinner the night before.

Warren the Captain from Easterns and I left for Plett Golf Club at about 7:25 am. It was a great morning, the gods really smiled on us with beautiful weather on Sunday.

When we arrived at the club it was great to see all the visiting Nomads from all over South Africa playing in our monthly game. Everyone was in great spirits.

The Plettenberg Bay Golf course looked in great condition, the fairways were lush and green and the greens were absolutely beautiful. I had the privilege of playing with our National Chairman Gary Rodwell who was my playing partner for the day and we were up against two Plett Gents one of them being the Captain of Plett Golf Club Glen Witte and our very own Nigel Tipping. We all had a fantastic time, and I really enjoyed their company.

After the game I quickly excused myself and got ready for my first prize giving as Captain. The Pink ladies as always deserve a big hand for their prompt service in getting our score cards tallied and prize sheets ready for prize giving. They also welcomed our very own John Lees on the Eighteenth with some Bubbly for his 200 game.

At prize giving our National Chairman presented John with his 200 game badge. He also presented our re-instated nomad Vic Mol with his Blazer. We had 3 visitors James and Andrew Canny and Eugene Matzner. I hope you enjoyed the day with us.

A big thanks must go out to our Sponsor of the day Frikkie van Eck of MTN. We really value your support and are grateful for your sponsorship, thank you Frikkie.

Well done to Kattie on his first prize giving, you were an absolute pro.


Yours in Nomads


Dave Meyer


Monthly game/Gold Cup George April 2015

Dear Nomads,


I have much pleasure in submitting this, my first report as Captain and would at the outset like to place on record my thanks to my club, Southern Cape for placing their confidence in me to lead them over the next year. I assure you all that I will do my best to ensure that our club grows from strength to strength. I also thank our Immediate Past Captain, Ken Spencer for his efforts over the past year and ongoing support for me. Ken you have left ďbig shoesĒ to fill but I know with you behind me and the strong committee that I have Southern Cape has an exciting year ahead. The highlights of my year will undoubtedly be our 30th Anniversary and ending off the year with our Loerie Nationals.                                                         


Kind Regards


Dave Meyer


Monthly Game Mossel Bay March 2015


Time has gone past so fast and I find myself writing my last Monthly report. Mossel Bay, what a glorious day no wind, and the course is in a beautiful condition. We as Nomads are truly blessed to be able to play all these wonderful golf courses. Arrived at Mossel Bay at 07:30 and found everybody busy setting up and getting ready for the day. We had and early start because the game would be followed by our AGM before prize giving. I had the pleasure of playing with  Marcell Combrinck  who represented the Sponsor of the day MIDAS and the Club Manager Louw Strydom  and Tannah Harris. We had a good time out there but the golf was poor and we ended up with the worst playing four ball.

The AGM was well attended and went well without any hitches. We had 2 nomineesí for JVC position and after a ballot was held Cristo Langenhoven was chosen. The full report will be given in the minutes of the AGM.

Steve Twycross was the fines master and as usual did a fine job. Prize giving went off without any problems and thanks must go to Ferdi and Vice Captain Dave. We must thank our sponsor Midas    for a wonderful prize table we, do appreciate it .To our Pink Ladies once again thank you for all you do to help me( only one more ) and on behalf of SC Nomads thank you. To all the Nomads that supported and helped me during my time as Captain I salute you.

Ken Spencer



Monthly Game Oudtshoorn February 2015


I really had a wonderful weekend in Oudtshoorn. Arrived on Friday afternoon met up with friends and had a lovely meal and a few bottles of wine. Saturday morning did a bit of shopping and a little bit of site seeing. We played at Oudtshoorn Golf Club in their Saturday Competion. Frankie Brown came 2nd and Hein Waters 3rd . After the game we went to the Cango Cave Resort where we met Fellow Nomads and had a (lekker ) braai. I must thank Kattie and his good lady for all the arrangements and venue it was greatly appreciated. To Joan my wife for supplying all the salads and eats also greatly appreciated. To all that contributed and attended thank you.

Arrived at the club on Sunday morning a little bit the worse for over indulging the night before. After a wonderful breakfast I was raring to go. John and I had a Pre- induction meeting with Theo Adams before we teed off. We were all pleasantly surprised with the condition of the course seeing that they have just got through a heat wave. Unfortunately Paul Strubbel their captain could not play with us, but he was there to welcome us. I must thank you all for first showering and then having the good stuff it speeds up prize giving. To Flats and his starters thanks for getting us off on time. To the Pink Ladies as always professionals, courteous and on time thank you. I had the honour to induct Theo Adams  and welcome him to Nomads. To Arthur thanks for being fines master. To Dave thanks for prize giving.

The next game at Mossel Bay is also our AGM we have a few nominated candidates for the position of JVC please make and effort to attend as your input is important.

Ken Spencer

Captain Southern Cape


Monthly Game Kingswood January 2015


Arrived at Kingswood at 7.30 and could already tell that it was going to be a very hot day. As usually everybody was getting set up and ready for the day. Flats was going to be the main starter and 2 of the new Nomads were on the tee boxes. I had the honour of playing with the sponsor of the day Johan Cronje what a nice person and he went out of his way to make it a wonderful day for us all.  We had a nice field of 72 players and you could see that everybody enjoyed the day.

Prize giving was very early thanks to our organised Pink Ladies. Prize giving went off very well thanks to Vice Dave Meyer it is always a pleasure to work with you. Steve Twycross named the team that is going to Nationals. Les Marais requested that more Nomads volunteer to assist with the Di Data tournament in February. I had the privilege to award Steve Twycross his 15 year tie and to thank him personally for what he has done for Nomads and for all the assistance and advice that he has given me. Luc Meeusen also received his 5 year tie.

I asked the members to think very carefully before nominating a candidate for the position of JVC. As this a 4 year commitment and if he does not see out his commitment he sets the whole system back. As subs are now due the members that have not payed will not have a vote at the AGM AT Mossel Bay. Our next Game is at Oudthoorn  on the 15th  February and we are making it an away weekend with Golf on Saturday and Sunday. Please contact me if you are going so that I can make the necessary arrangements.

Ken Spencer

Captain Southern Cape    



07 December 2014    Monthly Game - George


Left Plettenberg Bay at 05:00 am to George. The first tee off time was 07:28 and I had to attend a pre- induction meeting prior to the start of the game. It was a beautiful day and it was going to be a scorcher. It was one of the biggest fields we have had this year, with 9 visitors 5 waitlisted players 2 visiting Nomads and 57 SC Nomads. Thanks to our starters for getting the field off on time and our Pink Ladies for being so professional and getting everybody registered in record time. Thanks once again to them we had Prize giving at 14;00 

To George Golf Club for affording us the opportunity to play on your wonderful course and to your staff always willing to help and assist, we thank you.

I had the honour to play with Frikkie van Eck from MTM.  our sponsor for the day and must thank him for a wonderful and enjoyable day on the course. He also provided us with a wonderful prize table. Frikkie on behalf of myself and all  Southern Cape Nomads we thank you for your sponsorship and generosity. I once again had the pleasure of inducting two new members, Hein Waters and Jan Steynberg, gentlemen I hope you enjoy your Nomadic career. To Douw and Ferdie thank you for the roll you play in setting up the Alter and the prize table, and to Terry always in the back ground checking that every thing is running smoothly. To Tannah thanks for doing the Fines ( I see that you do not listen remember what I said what comes around goes around you see what happened to John) To Dave thanks for prize giving it went well .

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Please drive carefully over the festive season and I hope to see you all in the New Year 


Ken Spencer





12  October 2014  Monthly Game - George


Left Plettenberg Bay at 06:00 in pouring rain, wondering what was waiting for us at George. Arrived at the Golf Course at 7:30 and to my surprise no rain or wind and it turned out to be a beautiful day for golf. The Pink Ladies were busy setting up and Terry and his team were setting up the Alter. It is a wonderful experience knowing that you have a team that you can rely on, and I thank you one and all for your dedication to Nomads.

I had the privilege to play with the Club Captain Mike Steyn and I thanked him for the privilege of playing on their beautiful course. George remains one of the best courses in the Southern Cape. My thanks to the starters for getting the field off on time. Nigel Tipping played his 400th game today and it was a privilege to meet him on the 18th green and share a glass of champagne with him and his 4 ball. Prize giving was held soon after the last players were in and I must thank the Pink Ladies again for the wonderful work and dedication to Southern Cape. I had the honour to induct Gerry Olivier to our fold, and wished him well for the future. Next month we will induct 2 more players and re-instate 1. Marcel Meiring our new JVC received his 100th game badge and Nigel Tipping his 400th   Game Badge( if you play 12 games a year it will take you 33years and 3 Month) to achieve this) so well done Nigel. Terry Dimatellis has pledged to supply the whiskey and milk in the morning until the new Sponsors have been sorted out. Terry has also donated the golf bags for the draw until the end of the year. Terry I personally thank you for this fine gesture and I think every Nomad will drink to your good health every game.




14  September 2014    Monthly Game Goose Valley


We had a very early start to our day. The National Chairman who was visiting us requested a meeting with the committee to inform us and to answer any questions that we may have. I must thank you all for binging there on time and for participated in the meeting. This was followed by a sit down breakfast which was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Dave and his starters for getting the field off on time. There was a wonderful atmosphere as this was our annual event with Southern Natal. They brought down 21 players to participate in the Southern Challenge. We were fortunate enough to win the trophy, and we have achieved a full house. The Sea Board, Boland Challenge and the South-eastern Challenge against Eastern Cape. I am very proud to be Captain of this Club.

My thanks to Goose Valley for hosting us on a very well manicured and beautiful course. The weather played its part and we had a fantastic day. I had the honour of playing with Greg Clack the National Chairman, Richard Lee (Goose Valley) and Frankie Brown and fun was held by all. We held a Special Meeting to elect a new JVC and I had the pleasure of welcoming Marcel(Kattie)Meiring as our new JVC. We also inducted 2 new Nomads Barry Danvers  and Brian Simons and reinstated Michael Self back into the fold. My thanks must also go to our Sponsor of the day BMW for a fantastic prize table. They were represented by Hiron Snell and we ask him to please give them our thanks for their sponsorship. We had 2 silver salvers scores, Steve Twycross on 41 point and Peter Leibbrandt  on 40 points. I must also thank the Pink Ladies for all that you do for us. The National Chairman was so impressed and gave a glowing complement and reminded me how lucky we are to have them. Berti,  Helen and Christna I thank you. To Terry and his team thank you for standing in for the de Lange brothers and setting up the alter and prize table. To Dave thanks for all that you did, prize giving went well, all the arrangements for the Southern Challenge and the packing up and towing the trailer back to Knysna. To Kattie for doing the fines, you raised a good amount for charity.

This was a very busy weekend for us and I would like to thank you all for what you did to make it a huge success.

Ken Spencer 


June2014  Monthly Game -  Plettenberg Bay


We were blessed with a beautiful day to play golf. I asked the committee to attend a meeting before tee off time to discuss a few matters that were very important. Thank you to you all for attending i know  some of you had to leave very early to be in Plettenberg Bay by 8:30  I must thank the manager and staff for setting up the Pink Ladies  table and all  the other requirements that were needed, and the staff that helped to carry all the equipment  from the trailer.

I had the pleasure of playing with the Captain of Plett Glen Witte and two visitors. We had a wonderful game and saw some places on this course (my home course) that i did not know existed. My compliments to the Captain on a beautiful and well manicured golf course one to be proud of. The course was wet after all the rain that fell during the week  but did not stop Willem Braaff from shooting a 40 pointer and holing out on the 11th hole for his first hole in one.

We welcomed Jacques Matthee back to Nomads as he is now a full member of Still Bay . We also welcomed Hiron Snell and Michael Self back and following the reinstatement policy will be reinstated after 3 games. I had the honour of doing my first prize giving and really had a full program.  Flats Huisamen received his 200 game badge there were 3 x 15 year ties awarded 2 x 10 year ties and 1 x  5 year tie. I also had the pleasure of awarding 2 of our PINK LADIES  Bertie Harris and Helen Towell their 10 year badges.  My thanks to my VC Dave Meyer the prize giving went off without a hitch. To Marcell Meiring  as fines master in( Afrikaans) you had the members in fits of laughter and  raised quite a bit for charities, well done. To our Pink Ladies, thank you once again for the speed and efficiency in doing the prize sheet, and in the way you welcome our members at registration. To the DE Lange brothers for setting up and assisting at prize giving. I do not think that the members realise what goes in to being equipment officer. To our sponsor of the day The Pro Shop ,gentleman we thank you for your generosity without you sponsors we cannot exist.

Ken Spencer

Captain Southern Cape      


Mossel Bay monthly game and Gold Cup 13 April 2014

Left home at 05:30 to Mossel Bay wondering what the next year had installed for me. As the sun came up and revealed what a glorious day it was going to be my fears fell away and i realised that it is going to be a great year as Captain of a great bunch of good guys.

Arrived at the club and as usually found everybody doing their thing. The Pink Ladies were set up, Terry  was busy setting up the Alter and Steve was busy with the Gold Cup table.  There was not much that i could do to help so i went and had breakfast. I was introduced to our Sponsor of the day  Neal Perks from Mercedes Benz.  We are really blessed by having such good sponsors the prize table was overflowing. I had the pleasure of playing with Neal and i think that he is their secret weapon to bring back as many prizes that he can. Needless to say he shot a 41 pointer off a 6 handicap, Neal well played.

I also played with the Captain from MBGC  Gavin Reynolds what a scholar and a gentleman and a very good golfer he shot 37 points off a 5. I must congratulate him on the fine condition of his Golf Course and also thank him for the way they welcomed and assisted us. To the Pink Ladies what can a person say, with the monthly game and Gold Cup  prize sheets to do. I estimated the time of Prize Giving but was proven wrong by 45 minutes when the Pink Ladies announced that they were ready, well done.

Prize Giving went well with no hitches thanks to Terry and Steve. There was a wonderful atmosphere and everybody seem to be enjoying them selves .I must congratulate all the prize winners, well done gentlemen.  I was then inducted as Captain by Steve Twycross Imm.Past Captain and i must thank Steve for all he has done for me  during my JVC and VC.year. To Berti and Tannah thank you for always being there for me. To our new Committee thank for your commitment to help run the Southern Cape Nomads 2014.To all my friends and Nomads that came and congratulated me i can only say that i will do my best. To Dave Meyer well done and i hope that you will enjoy your year as much as i did. To Errol Frielick well done and may your year be rewarding.

Our next game is at Ou Baai on the18 May2014 I will not be there as Flats, Frankie, Anton Snr and myself will be at the Swaziland Nationals

Ken Spencer




What a wonderful sunny day to start off 2014 on19thJanuary 2014 at Kingswood Golf Estate

A special thanks to Walda and her team for their assistance in getting our year off a high note. The excitement among the Nomads players with a full field was great to see. 


Southern Cape Nomads were privileged to play with three former National Chairmen namely: John Lees, Ken Haldane and Jan van Straten.  We also had eight visitors who joined us for the day.


Congratulations to Dup Dupisani for his 200 game badge.

A Division winner L Jarner, 34 points

B Division winner A Izaakse Snr, 33 points

C Division winner H Nel, 36 points


Thanks to our Sponsor for the day, Terry Dimatellis, from Golden Harvest; Terry always produces a great prize table.   


Special thanks to our Pink Ladies for their excellent service for making the day a huge success and also to the Vice Captain and Junior Vice Captain for their assistance.


What a great moment to start the year with the South African Disabled Golf Association (SADGA) holding their golf day at Carpe Diem School for the disabled in George. Thanks to Eugene and Lily from SADGA for a wonderful day helping those less fortune than ourselves. Thanks to Tannah, Berti, Austin and myself from Southern Cape Nomads for helping at the school.  I hope Nomads can continue with their help in future.


Our next venue Knysna Golf Club on 16th February 2014, hope to see all there.


Jacques Matthee


Mossel Bay Golf Club 3 November 2013

 To all Members and Pink Ladies

 What a sunny day at Mossel Bay to start a new month for Nomads Golf. A big thanks to all the members and visitors who played at Mossel Bay Golf Club.


Thanks to all Mossel Bay Golf Club members for hosting Southern Cape Nomads Sunday the 3rd November 2013. It was great honor to play the course.  To all staff and green keeper; thanks to all, the course is in great condition.  To Mossel Bay President, Noel Hudson, thanks for the game at Mossel Bay. Everything was great!  


To our lovely Pink Ladies, thanks to Christna for standing in for Berti, you and the other Pink Ladies did a great job.  We are happy to see the great effort and the new Pink Ladies who are willing to help when needed.  We hope to see you in future.


Thanks to our National sponsors, SAB, Bells, Taylor Made, Imperial Auto, Tempest Car Hire, MFC, Old Mutual, Etana, UTI. Itís a great honour to make Nomads proud.


To our monthly sponsor, Christo Langenhoven of Coastal Rigging, a Mossel Bay member,   it is great to have you on board as a sponsor of Nomads.  Thanks Christo Langenhoven and all your visitors who you invited to play.


Thanks to Ken Spencer for prize giving, it went well. A warm welcome to all members who stayed for prize giving, almost everyone attended and there were only 3 apologies for not attending. To John Lees who started a monthly news letter, a great thanks to you, it looks good.  I hope it will go on long in future and help Nomads grow stronger.  To Dave Meyer; a well done job for helping the Pink Ladies at the registration table and getting the starters organized; you are a great motivation for Nomads.


Our next game is at George on the 1st December 2013 hope to have the same BIG field at George.


Southern Cape Nomads Captain

Jacques Matthee


Knysna Golf Club 20 October 2013

Dear all and Pink Ladies


What a great start to see all our Swallows back in South Africa and playing the game at Knysna. Big thanks to all the members who played at Knysna Golf Club.


Thanks to all Knysna Golf Club members for hosting Southern Cape Nomads on Sunday the 20th October 2013. It was great honor to play the course.  To all staff and green keeper, thanks, the course is in good nick.  To the Knysna Captain, thanks for the weekend as well as the snacks on the tables after the game; we look forward to being here again. Everything was great! If Knysna needs any more rain in the future just ask us to visit Knysna, weíll bring moreÖ.!!.


To our lovely Pink Ladies; thanks for being so early so as to get the day started. After the last 4 ball, prize giving was ready in a few minutes. 


Thanks to our new National sponsors, SAB, Bells, Taylor Made, Imperial Auto, Tempest Car Hire, MFC, Old Mutual, Etana, UTI. Itís a great honor to make Nomads proud.


To our monthly sponsor, Fruit & Veg City Knysna, it is great to have you on board to the Nomads Group. Thanks Wilhelm Hanekom for attending the day with us and to Terry Dimatellis for inviting him and hosting Wilhelm for the day on behalf of Nomads. Thanks Terry youíre a great star for sponsorship for Nomads.


Thanks to Ken Spencer for prize giving, it went well. A warm welcome to all members who stayed for prize giving; almost everyone attended and only 2 apologies for not attending. Thanks for the time and I hope weíll see more members at prize giving in future; it gives Sponsors a great pleasure to see so many members attend prize giving.


Our next game is at Mossel Bay on the 3rd November 2013.


Southern Cape Nomads Captain

Jacques Matthee.


Captainís report Goose Valley Ė 8 September, 2013


Dear all and Pink Ladies.


What a way to start our monthly game with a great Family Braai on Saturday.


Thanks to everyone who attended the family braai.  Thanks for bringing your wives. 


To the National Chairman, Robbie Frank, it was nice to have you again with us at Goose Valley.


Thanks to all Goose Valley Golf Club members for hosting Southern Cape Nomads on Sunday the 7th September 2013. It was great honour to play the course. To all the staff of Goose Valley and green keeper, thanks; the course is in good nick.  To Wynand, thanks for the weekend we hope we can meet again. Everything was great!


To our lovely Pink Ladies; thanks for being so early and getting the day started. After the last 4 ball, prize giving was ready in a few minutes. 

Rob Gordon was presented with his 15 year tie; well played it has been a long time.


Thanks to our new National sponsors, SAB, Bells, Taylor Made, Imperial Auto, Tempest Car Hire, Etana, UTI. Itís a great honour to have you helping Nomads.


Thanks to Ken Spencer for prize giving, it went well.  To all members who did stay for prize giving, thanks for the time and I hope weíll see more members at prize giving in the future.


Our next game is at Knysna on the  20st  October  2013.


Southern Cape Nomads


Jacques Matthee.




Captainís Report - Fancourt 10th (Seaboard) Ė 11th August 2013


 Dear all and Pink Ladies


What a sunny winterís day at Fancourt


The Seaboard weekend was a great success at Fancourt. What a great two days playing golf with National Chairman Robby Frank, Past National Chairmen, Captains,  past Captains and Nomad members of all provinces for making this tournament a great success.


Thanks to all Fancourt Golf Club members for allowing Southern Cape Nomads to use their facilities from Friday 9th till Sunday the 11th August 2013. It was great honour to play all three courses. To all the staff at Fancourt and green keeper,  thanks to all; the courses are in good condition.  To Theo Wessels, the Captain of Fancourt, and Lloyd Martindale; thanks for the weekend and we hope we can meet again. Everything was great!


To our lovely Pink Ladies; thanks for being there so early and getting the days started. After the last 4 ball prize giving was ready in a few minutes. It was a long 2 days, but you did well, thanks to all!


To Richard Plumb; thanks for organizing the game at the Links, from all the Captains, members and the National Chairman.  To Bridget from Tempest Car Hire it was a great pleasure to meet you in the Southern Cape, hope to see more of you. The dinner at Fancourt was a great success and I think everybody enjoyed it and the entertainment was enjoyable for all. Hope to see all next year.


Well done Eastern Province for winning the Seaboard Trophy and to Boland for winning the Boland Challenge. To our Sponsors, Halfway Toyota, a special thanks to Roger Bath and his team for the Saturdayís prize table. To the representative of Tekkie Town, Bernard Mostert, Sundayís Sponsor; thank you for a wonderful prize table; itís always a great privilege to have you on board. 


To the National Chairman, Robbie Frank, it was nice to have you at our Seaboard at Fancourt. Nigel Tipping from Southern Cape received his 35 year tie from Robbie Frank.


Thanks to Flats Huisamen who sponsored the Kudu for AMT. AMT is well on track. AMT game will be at Oubaai in October 2013.


Thanks to Ken Spencer for prize giving, it went well. Thanks to all other Captains for running the Seaboard prize giving on Saturday.


Our next game is at Goose Valley, Plettenberg Bay, on the 8th September 2013.


Southern Cape Nomads


Jacques Matthee.



Captainís Report Knysna 21st July 2013


Dear all and Pink Ladies


What a sunny winterís day at Knysna.


The game was a great success at the Knysna Golf Club except for the small field and the no electricity.


Thanks to all Knysna Golf Club members for hosting Southern Cape Nomads on Sunday the 21st July 2013.To all staff and green keeper, Piet van Rensburg,  the course is in good condition. 


To our lovely Pink ladies; thanks for being so early to get the day started. After the last 4 ball prize giving was ready within a few minutes. A Special General Meeting was held before prizegiving to approve our new JVC; thanks to Dave Meyer for agreeing to be the new JVC.


To our Sponsor Marcel de RIdder from Canon; thanks for a wonderful prize table; itís always a great privilege to have you on board. To Zane Pretorius from your company for standing in for you; thanks.


Thanks to Ken Spencer for prize giving; it went well. Thanks for organizing the Southern Challenge; the future looks good.  We hope everybody will commit to it.


To all the visitors who took time off to play with us as Nomads at Knysna; we want to thank you all and hope you enjoyed the day with us. To all members; all visitors are welcome and feel proud to bring them with you.


Our next game is the Seaboard weekend at Fancourt on the 10 Ė 11 August 2013.


Southern Cape Nomads


Jacques Matthee.

Captainís Report George 23 June 2013


Dear all and Pink ladies


What a lovely sunny day at George, it was as if the weather was ordered especially for our Nationals Chairman, Robbie Frankís official visit.


This game was a great success at the George Golf Club.  What a great pleasure to host the National Chairman and to play with him.


Thanks to all George Golf Club members for hosting the Southern Cape Nomads on Sunday the 23nd June 2013.  Our gratitude also to all the staff and the green keeper, as the course was in excellent condition, and the service was, as usual, top notch.


To our lovely Pink ladies, thanks for being ready so early to get the day started. Prize giving was ready shortly after the last 4 ball came in.  


To our Sponsor Frikkie van Eck, thanks for a wonderful prize table and it was a great privilege to play with you.


Thanks to Ken Spenser for prize giving, it went well.  Thanks also for looking after the Southern Challenge arrangements, as everything is looking good  We hope everybody is well committed, and we wish you all good luck.


To all the visitors, as well as Richard Plumb from Western Province, that took the  time off to play with S Cape Nomads at George, we wish to thank you all and hope you did enjoy the day with us. We would also like to especially thank all the dignitaries who visited and attended prize giving with us.


To all the committee and members who attended the braai at Bosvarkie, a special thanks to you all.  I hope everyone enjoyed it and I hope to see more members attend these type of arrangements I intend having in future..


Our next game will take place at Knysna on the  21 July 2013.



Acting Captain's Report Plettenberg Bay 19 May 2013


Wonderful conditions and a great golf course, unfortunately we had a smaller than normal field.

I had the pleasure of entertaining Ian Norgarb, Sponsor of the day from the Pro shop in George, Ken Spencer, our Vice Captain and Plett golf club representative and Tannah Harris.We were treated to a display of good golf by Ian, 2 under for the day.

Dress code was adhered to on the course and all Nomads were well dressed in the clubhouse.

Douw De Lange must be commended for stepping in and taking over the Equipment Officer portfolio at such short notice.

Graham Williaims and Gerry Ham  once again set out the prize table and advertising banners, many thanks gents.

The Pink Ladies , as always , perfect.


Steve Twycross AIPC.  


Captainís Report Mossel Bay 21 April 2013

 What a lovely sunny day at Mossel Bay; just what the doctor ordered.


This game was a great Welcome for Nomads after a long rest since the game at Oudtshoorn. It was school holidays and Nomads Nationals at Ebotsi.  What a pleasure to be the Southern Cape Nomads Captain of the winning team for the Bert Hunt Trophy at Nationals.  To my team and all the supporters at home; a BIG thanks to all of you.  It put Southern Cape back on the map and everybody looking up to us.  Well done guys!


To our lovely Pink ladyís, thanks for being so early to get the day started. After the last 4 ball, prize giving was ready in a few minutes.  A warm welcome to Crisna Nel as new pink lady, we hope we can induct you as soon as possible and look forward working with you as Nomads.


Thanks to Terry Otto and his wife, Maydey, for all your hard work itís nice to see your hard work and commitment for Nomads.


Thanks to Ken Spencer for prize giving; it went very well.  Thanks, Ken,  for organizing the Southern Challenge; the outlook looks good.  We hope everybody commitís to it.


Thanks to Floris van Jaarsveld our sponsor of the day from MAN TRUCKS. To our National sponsors a great thanks for making the day possible for us.


To all at Mossel Bay Golf Club; many thanks to the staff and members for the day. Thanks to the green keeper, Raymond Burt; your course is in a very good nick.  Keep it up itís a great pleasure for us as Nomads to come and play in Mossel Bay.

To all the visitors as well as Ex Nomads for taking time off to play with us as Nomads at Mossel Bay. We want to thank you all and hope you enjoyed the day with us.  To all members; all visitors are welcome, please feel proud to bring them.


We had 2 inductions: Floris van Jaarsveld from MAN TRUCKS, and Willem Rhodes from SANLAM.  Two 5 year ties awards to Colin Goss and Raymond Botha from BMW.  100 Game badge to Anton Isaakse Jnr. 


Old Mutual pairs was played; thanks to Mike Carr standing in for Old Mutual.  Winners were Michael Self and Anton Isaakse Jnr, runners up Flats Huisamen and Gysbert Genis.


Our next game is at Plettenberg Bay on the 19 May 2013.


Southern Cape Nomads


Jacques Matthee.




Captainís Report Oudtshoorn 10 March 2013


 What a nice weekend  we had in Oudtshoorn. Thanks to all Nomads who attended the family Braai on Saturday at Klein Plasie.

 A nice warm day greeted us at Oudtshoorn from early on. It was nice to see all the Nomads ready to play Golf at Oudtshoorn. To the green keeper and his staff, well done, itís the best the course has been in the last 3 years. To Oudtshoorn Golf Club and their committee; thanks for hosting the Southern Cape Nomads. It was a great pleasure for me to play with Riaan Nortjie and Louis Fourie from Oudtshoorn. Itís great to see the hard work that has been put in at the Oudtshoorn Club. Thanks to staff, kitchen and bar personnel for the hospitality shown to us.

 To my follow Nomads; it is very sad to see such a small field at Oudtshoorn. Thanks to Terry Otto all went well and the field went off on time.

 To our lovely Pink Ladies; thanks for being there so early and getting the day started. After the last 4 ball came in prize-giving was ready in a few minutes.

 Thanks to Terry Otto, our sponsor of the day: K1 Quarry and OP Trust Cement. To our National sponsors; many thanks for making the day possible for us.

 Our next game is at Mossel Bay on 21st April 2013, it will be our OMP and we will start our Gary Player knock out

 Southern Cape Nomads


Jacques Matthee.

17Th February 2013 on Plettenberg Bay Country Club

What a privilege it was to play with so many past National Chairmen: Ken Haldane, John Lees, Nigel Tipping and Jan van Straten. A special thanks for their presence.  What a beautiful day at Plettenberg Bay Country Club on 17 February, our second game of the year and like always our excellent Pink Ladies were on duty and ready for action.

I was privileged to play with the Vice Captain of Plettenberg Bay Country Club, Glen Witte and a special thanks to him and his team for their hospitality and excellent service.  To their greenkeeper and staff, well done; the golf course is in excellent condition. Also thanks to our JVC, Terry Otto, for his smooth running of the field without any delays.

Also a very special thanks to my Pink Lady, Berti Harris, and her team for their quick organizing of prize giving only five minutes after last four-ball came in. Ken Spencer, our VC, well done prize giving ran smoothly.

21-24 February was the Dimension-Data tournament at Fancourt.  A special thanks to Leslie Marais and Henry de Graeff as everything was well organized; you keep the Nomads name flying high! It is nice to work with such a successful team. To everyone who helped with Golforama, a special thanks for your help.

Our next monthly game is in Oudtshoorn on 10th March and is a family weekend.  Bring and Braai on the Saturday before the game. Letís make it a huge success.


Jacques Matthee



Good Afternoon All,


Acting Captain Monthly Report follows.


Near perfect conditions prevailed at a near perfect golf club, George golf club is in great condition.

Once again I had the honour of hosting club Captain, Kobus Landman and sponsor, Ian Mathews , of Stanmar Motors, our 4th was National P.R.O., Richard Plumb , of Western Province.


Our normal sized field moved well through the course and we finished well within time.

As is the norm in the Southern Cape, dress code on the course and in the club house was strictly adhered to, our equipment officer has a wonderful display of our range of clothing,at the check in table.

Prize giving, obviously, was a longer than normal affair , the prize table was spectacular. Local sponsor, Stanmar Motors, did us proud. We must continue our good relationship with our local sponsors.


Etienne Du Plessis was awarded a 15 year tie while Hugh Collier attained his 300 game badge, well done gentlemen.


Gold Cup prize giving followed the monthly game prize giving, note able achievements were Austin Graves, Golfer of the year, Flats Huisamen and Gysbert Genis winners of the Gary Player and Berti Harris, Nomad of the Year. Well done all.


Jacques , I wish you well and I hope you enjoy your year as Captain.


Lastly , thank you all for your support in the last few months, a team effort.


Ex Acting Captain

Steve Twycross.  


Good Day All,

Herewith report of game at Mossel Bay and A.G.M.

Perfect conditions greeted us at Mossel Bay, the course had been set up reasonably easy in anticipation of a bit of wind, which did not arrive.

The condition of the course is as good as any other in our part of the world, as the day wore on the greens became faster and easier for some, Mossel Bay ground staff can be very proud of their course.

I had the honour of having Club Captain, Gavin Reynolds, and sponsor, Dicky Swanich, owner of Cobra Transport, in my 4 ball .Nomads can be very thankful for Cobra Transport coming in as sponsors at such late notice, a great prize table greeted us at the end of the day.

Three inductions Ė Maydie Otto as a Pink Lady & Willie Balt and Coena V.D. Merwe. Welcome gentlemen and lady, I hope you enjoy your time with us, remember Nomads is not what you can get out but what you put in .

Prize giving was held after the A.G.M.


 The A.G.M. went of well without any problems, Terry Otto was elected to the position of Junior Vice Captain.

The Audited financial statement was available to all prior to the meeting, Berti Harris , was on hand to answer any questions and queries.

A summary of the Southern Capes year ,compiled by Acting Captain Steve Twycross, was available prior to the meeting.

There was one question asked regarding the Gold Cup Day and the Million Dollar at Sun City being on the same day and whether we could change our dates, it was explained that at this time of the year it was not easy to get a golf course later on in the month.

I was very disappointed by the amount of people who left before the A.G.M. the main purpose of the A.G M. is to make our financial. statement available to all and to elect officials to the committee. To those who did stay, thank you.


Knysna October 2012


The 21st of October was rained out, Knysna management were good enough to accommodate us on the following weekend

A small field moved well through the course, which was in amazing condition considering the amount of rain experienced in the last week or so. The members of Knysna can be very proud of their course and clubhouse.

As usual we were well received and all staff helpful.

I had the pleasure of, once again, being in the same 4 ball as Club Captain Mike Mills, always a pleasure.

Prize giving started with the creed being read for our friend Danny De Wet.No Man Is an  Island.

Two ex/old Nomads were reinducted , Errol Freilick and Andre Zeelie, and Past National Chairman, John Lees, was officially welcomed into our club, only real men wear Pink.   Gentlemen we hope your enjoy your time with us.

I was very pleased to see our visitors observing our dress code at prize giving, on the course may have been a little sloppy.

Nomads as usual were well dressed and well behaved, it was good to see the spirit after the game, the verandah was a very happy place.

The Pink Ladies, as usual , perfect, many thanks, without you we wander in the wilderness.

Terry . thank you for the prize table, your little helpers do a great job in your absence. The sponsor was a local Nomad.

Terry Otto and family, a great job, we have never been so well dressed.


Acting Captain

Steve Twycross.  







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